Leaseholder Information.

Repairs and Maintenance

Totteridge House does not carry out work inside leaseholders properties. We use a pool of approved contractors and can provide you with their contact information and insurance documents but any agreement made will be between the leaseholder and the contractor.

Totteridge House is unable to manage works in leaseholder properties and does not take any responsibility for the works carried out by any external contractor.

Totteridge House is responsible for the following on the estate:

  • The rainwater system including gutters and fixings.
  • The common parts of the property including bin chambers, bike sheds, communal gardens.
  • Electrical services for the supply to the common parts including wiring, conduits, socket outlets, switches and bulkhead light fittings.
  • Fences, enclosure walls and gates that belong to the Council.
  • Roads, footpaths, and courtyards not adopted for maintenance by the Council under its statutory powers as Highway Authority.


The Council holds a buildings insurance policy which you contribute to within your service charges.

If damage is caused to your property as a result of a leak in a neighbouring property, the repairs required may be covered under the buildings insurance policy.

In order to make a claim you will need to complete a claim form which you can download here Buildings insurance claim form. If you need advice on whether to make a claim, you can contact our office or the Council directly on 020 8871 6413.

Please note that you will need to obtain two estimates for works required to submit with your claim form.

Once you have submitted the form with the estimates, the Councils insurers (Zurich Municipal) will be in touch with you directly.

Information on what is covered under the policy can be found on the Councils website:

You are also advised to take out your own contents insurance as this is not covered under the Councils policy.

Service charges

Service charges are made up of two parts:

Co-op services such cleaning, maintenance and management

Council services such as the lift maintenance and buildings insurance

Full breakdowns of services provided are included within your bill.

Once the Co-ops accounts have been audited, they are submitted to the Council in order for them to include their charges and issue the bills. The bills come to the leaseholder directly and the Co-op does not receive copies of the final bills or amounts. If you have a query on a bill you have received, you can contact the office who will investigate and respond within 10 days.

Major works bills are issues separately to the normal Service charges.

Sub-letting your property

If you choose to sub-let your property, you remain the co-operatives main point of contact for any issues relating to the flat. We do not have any agreements with your tenants and you will be held responsible for the actions of anyone living in the property and as such, must take appropriate action on issues such as anti-social behaviour as required,.

You are required to provide the Co-op (and the Council) with an away address and contact telephone number in case of an emergency.

We also request that you provide us with contact details for your tenants so that if we are unable to contact you in the event of an emergency (such as a severe leak) we can contact the tenants to provide access.

Fire doors 

If you would like to find out whether your front entry door has a minimum fire resistance of 30 minutes, you can search for a local certified Fire Door Inspector at

The inspector should be able to assess your current door and if necessary advise on whether it can be upgraded to meet the required standard or whether a new door will be required.

They should also be able to provide you with certification of the fire resistance